LiquidDynamics Waste Oil Drain w/out Blowback Safety




Now you can avoid spills and eliminate the mess associated with collecting used oil and similar fluids. This used oil drain offers a handy and practical method for draining motor oil, gear oil, differential oil, transmission fluid and coolants from vehicles located on lifts or pits. With this drain you have a closed loop system for moving used oil and other engine fluids from the vehicle to a recycling center.

This used oil drain helps comply with today’s exacting environmental guidelines, minimizing the risk of hazardous materials coming in contact with personnel or the environment. The used fluid simply gravity drains into the large 29” diameter, 3½ gallon drain pan, which then drains into the 21 gallon holding tank. Approximately 7 to 10 PSI of shop air is used to quickly

and easily evacuate the fluid from the tank, a safety relief valve prevents over-pressurization. Alternatively, a dry break disconnect kit is available if evacuation via a double diaphragm pump

is preferred.

This drain is simple to use and comes complete with a fluid level sight gauge, removable fluid extension kit with grate to allow drainage of filters, tool tray, pressure gauge, ball bearing wheels for ease of movement and handle to allow convenient raising and lowering of the drain pan. The swivel mounted drain pan allows the technician to position the drain bowl to align with the flow of used oil without having to move the entire drain.


This used oil drain is fast, efficient, easy to use and extremely portable, simply roll it to the desired location. The drain is a major component in the recovery, containment and recycling of used oil and other engine fluids.

Warning: Do Not Use This Drain for Diesel Fuel, Gasoline or other flammable Fluids.