Norco 71335 3 1/2 Ton SUV and Service Truck Jack



A heavy-duty floor jack designed for a variety of automotive shop uses including the added capacity and maximum lift height required to handle most SUV and 1 Ton+ service trucks.


  • U.S. Patent No. D683104 & 9,022,356
  • Steel hydraulic block construction includes a double pump
    piston design that quickly raises the jack to the maximum height
  • 50″ long, two piece handle with knurled hand grip and foam handle sleeve provides:
    – Ease of pumping
    – Longer reach for positioning under overhang
    – Ease for transportation and storage
    – Ease of pumping in tight quarters when second handle section is removed
  • 4″ low and 21-3/8″ maximum lift heights (without saddle adapter)
  • 7″ low and 24-3/8″ maximum lift heights (with saddle adapter)
  • Heavy-duty chassis for added strength and dependability
  • Safety bypass and overload systems prevent cylinder damage and prevent the jack from being used beyond the ASME/PASE load-limiting standard.